Leppington Decking

Unlock the potential of your outdoor space and add a luxurious, multi-functional deck to your home. Whether attached or freestanding, you’ll find creative ways to incorporate this versatile structure into any size backyard with different materials available for personalization so that it’s perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing in style.

Transform your home into the perfect entertainment and relaxation hub with a deck in Sydney’s stunning Leppington precinct! Now becoming more popular, this suburb is renowned for its breathtaking houses – made all the better by an amazing outdoor area created from timber or composite. Get set up to enjoy balmy evenings under starry skies on a luxurious timber terrace!

Want your deck built right? Consider Super Quick Carpentry–a top contractor in the industry with fifteen years of carpentry expertise. Not only will you enjoy professional service, but they are dedicated to going above and beyond expectations when it comes to advice. So don’t settle for anything less – get ultimate quality care from experts that know how!

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Why get a Deck?

  • Decks bring your outdoor space to life!
  • You can enjoy the outdoors while keeping your home safe in rough weather
  • Allows you to easily access rooftop and upper floor windows with decks constructed for easy access.
  • Beyond being beautiful additions to any landscape aesthetic
  • Save on cooling costs during summer months and provide a perfect place to bundle up in wintertime


Features of a Deck

  • Can be built from a variety of materials but are most commonly made from wooden planks or concrete slabs
  • With composite decking, you get both eco-friendliness and long-lasting durability.
  • Wooden decks create a rustic charm that will never go out of style – if it ever gets scratched up, simply sand it down to restore its beauty.
  • As an added bonus, why not install a pergola on your deck? It’ll provide ample shade while still allowing refreshing airflow so you can sit back and enjoy the summer sun in comfort.

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  • About 4 hours between coats on a 26 degree day.

  • For 3 coats you require about 500mL per metre square

  • You can oil your deck right away or wait 3 weeks for boards to weather in.